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Find the best flex workers at My Flexwork

My Flexwork helps you in your search for suitable flex workers: cost-effective, safe and simple. You are completely in control of the process, without any agency involvement.

Curious about what My Flexwork can do for you as an employer? Especially for you we have made this short animation:

Search for the best flex workers

How does it work? You start by creating a free My Flexwork business profile. Our user-friendly system, smart DNA quiz and tips & tricks help you to showcase yourself as an interesting company to potential employees.

Once you have created your My Flexwork business profile, you can quickly and easily add a vacancy and start your employee search. Clever algorithms ensure the perfect match is made in no time. But after all, you know best when it comes to the most suitable My Flexwork candidate. Thanks to reviews from other employers, you have access to information on the best and most motivated My Flex workers.

It is easy to stay on top of your administrative process with your own My Flexwork account. You select your business sector (and any Collective Labour Agreements that apply) and My Flexwork will make sure that remuneration always complies with the latest laws and regulations. Also, we will send you personal My Flexwork updates so that you are always up-to-date with the latest flex news within your sector.


My Flexwork personnel: the perfect match

You carry out your search for suitable flex workers yourself. This is convenient, because matching has never been so easy. Our scientific DNA quiz and clever algorithms will help you find the perfect candidate in no time.

Setting up an appealing company profile and vacancies is simple, thanks to our user-friendly platform. And if you need any help after all, our team is happy to assist you, on the phone, online or on location.

With My Flexwork you can now arrange everything yourself, without any need for an employment agency. You will also be 100% compliant, eliminating the risk of fines. What a difference.

Up-to-date information with the My Flexwork knowledge bank

The My Flexwork knowledge bank and personal updates always provide you with the latest information for correctly employing (foreign) My Flexwork employees, strictly in accordance with the most recent laws and regulations.

Welcome to My Flexwork, where we value all our flexworkers. We also guarantee equal opportunities for everyone doing flexwork in the Netherlands.


Working together to achieve a healthy flex work market

A healthy flex work market in the Netherlands is created in unison. With able and motivated people that are not afraid to roll up their sleeves. With interesting jobs at honest employers. This is why My Flexwork offers an extensive review system for both employers and employees. Better work starts with My Flexwork.

The self-search of better workers has never been easier. Thanks.


Smart DNA profiling, resulting in faster and better matches;


An extensive review system for both employers and employees;


Access to the best flex work services, thanks to 20 years of experience in the sector;


Our motivation: My Flexwork wants a healthy and honest flexwork market for everyone! Together, we can improve the flexwork market.

Need help?

Could you still do with some help? No problem. Thanks to our 20 years’ experience in the sector, our team has access to the best flex work services. There are several ways to contact us. Facebook messenger is also available outside of office hours.