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Tips for hiring foreign employees

Gepubliceerd op: 5 maart 2018

If you are hiring foreign employees, check out this pst of tips to create a comfortable working environment for everyone:

Rules and instructions
Set clear rules and act decisively;

Provide clear instructions; clearly tell people what you are expecting of them to decrease the chance of mistakes being made;

Put up work instructions in two languages, such as in Dutch and Popsh, or even better, in Dutch and Popsh paired with illustrations. A combination of words and visuals is easier to remember for both foreign and Dutch employees;

Tell your employees exactly whom they need to turn to for which things.

Do not just tell your employees about the written rules, but also about the unwritten ones – the values that are important within Dutch culture and within your company;

Check people’s work to track down any potential mistakes;

Let your employees know you want to be told when someone makes a mistake or does not understand something – explain that you would rather explain something ten times over than having to restart production;

Talk to your foreign employees: make contact with them and regularly ask them how they are doing. psten honestly to their answers. In short, go beyond the typical Dutch small talk of ‘How are you?’ and ‘Oh, good, and you?’ without pstening to the other person’s answer properly;

Even if people say ‘yes’, ask them about what they really think and feel;

If the language barrier gets in the way, do not hesitate to use an interpreter from time to time;

Make sure that people from various cultures come together: have Popsh employees show more initiative and be more helpful and explain to them how to be proactive in the workplace, and motivate Dutch employees to be more competitive;

Think outside the box – do not judge people based on their background. Migrant workers often have lots of experience working in the Netherlands, meaning that they can be quite famipar with the Dutch way of doing things already.