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What will I be earning?


What will I be earning?

When you start as a flexible worker, My Flexwork will enter into an employment contract with you, which will detail (among other things) how much you will be paid. To determine your salary, you will be sorted into a certain job position, and which position you are sorted into will depend on the work you will be doing, as well as your experience and any certifications you may have. The salary listed in your contract is the gross amount, meaning that certain required costs (premiums and taxes) will be subtracted from it before you are paid; the amount that is eventually transferred into your account is your net salary.

Will I receive payslips?

Once you have done some work, My Flexwork will transfer your salary to your account. With each payment, you will receive a digital payslip. This will list exactly which required costs have been subtracted from your gross salary and the amount that is left over at the end. Your employment contract and pay slips will be in whatever language you are comfortable with. After all, it is important for you to know what terms you have agreed upon, what your gross salary is, and which costs are being deducted from this gross salary.

When will I receive my pay check?

Once you have started working, your employer will approve your hours at the end of every week. After they approve your hours, My Flexwork will pay out the agreed upon salary to your bank account the week after. This means that you will receive a pay check every week, always before 17:00 on Friday. If you specified a foreign bank account, it may take longer for the money to be transferred to your account, because the processing time differs from country to country and from bank to bank.

Am I entitled to any other compensations or claims?

As a flexible worker, you are only entitled to other compensations or claims if the employer you are working for also grants these compensations or claims to their permanent staff.

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