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Finding housing in the Netherlands


Finding housing in the Netherlands

If you are going to be working in the Netherlands, you will need to find housing. But how? If you are looking to rent, you can turn to one of the many housing associations and rental agencies in the Netherlands. There are two types of rental properties, namely social housing and privately owned housing. Social housing is cheaper housing intended to ensure that people who do not make as much can still afford to rent a home. This social housing is constructed, leased, and managed by various local housing associations.

For social housing, there is a maximum legal rent of € 710.68* for tenants aged 23 and up and € 414.02* for peopled aged between 18 and 23. All homes that have a higher monthly rent qualify as so-called privately owned housing.

When renting social housing, you are likely to be entitled to housing benefits, depending on your income. If you are living with a housemate, your combined income must not exceed € 30,150* a year in order for you to qualify for housing benefits. If you live alone, your income must not exceed € 22.200* annually in order for you to qualify.

*Source: Dutch tax authority, 2017

How do I find social housing?

If you want to be considered for social housing, you first have to sign up with a housing association. Once you have signed up, you will be able to put your name up for any homes that become available. It can take a long time for you to find a home through social housing. In some cases, you may be able to obtain an urgency statement, allowing you find social housing much sooner. Please talk to your local housing association about the rules for obtaining an urgency statement.

How do I rent a privately owned home?

There are two ways to rent a privately owned property. The first is to contact a rental agency in the municipality you would like to live in, which will then mediate between you and any potential lessors. Another option is to check the local paper for adds or check the notice boards at your local supermarkets, and tell as many people you know as possible that you are looking for a house. Using social media such as Facebook can also help. Privately owned properties don’t come cheap in the Netherlands, but the overall process is much faster than social housing.

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