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Am I entitled to leave days?


Am I entitled to leave days?

Even when you have a great job, you still want to be able to go on holiday from time to time, or just take a day off. Thankfully, that is possible! As a temporary employee, you collect leave days and have the right to take days off. If you work a full 40-hour working week, you will have earned 25 leave days after one year of work. If you work fewer hours or for less than a whole year, you will earn a corresponding number of leave days. If you stop working for us, you will be compensated for any accrued leave.

What kinds of rules concerning leave days apply to each contract phase?

If you are in contract phase A, you will only be paid for the hours you actually work, meaning that you are not paid for leave days. To compensate, My Flexwork builds up reservations for you, which serve as an addition to your pay check so that you can receive continued pay for any leave days you take up and all official Dutch holidays. If you would normally work on Christmas, Easter, Pentecost or King’s Day, you will be paid a regular wage on those days, meaning that you will not need to take up leave days.

If you are in contract phase B or C, you do not build up reservations for any leave days you take up and official Dutch holidays; instead, you are entitled to full continued pay for leave days and national holidays.

Of course, you only ever receive continued pay for the holidays you have earned, so if you have done six months of work, you will have earned 12.5 holidays. If you want to take more than 12.5 days off, you will need to request unpaid leave days.

How much holiday pay will I receive, and when will it be paid out?

In the Netherlands, you receive 8% of your annual salary in holiday pay each year, regardless of what contract phase you are in. My Flexwork pays out holiday pay in June. If you stop working or if your employment contract ends before then, the collected holiday pay will be paid out earlier (five weeks after the end of your employment at the latest).

What is a short-term leave or special leave?

If you have a doctor’s or dentist appointment or special circumstances within your immediate family such as a wedding or a funeral, you are entitled to short-term leave or special leave. You do not have to take out holidays for this. However, you need to inform My Flexwork at least one week in advance, if possible.

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