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Dutch employees are the least stressed

Published on: 5 April 2018

Dutch employees are the most relaxed in Europe, as concluded by ‘The Workforce View in Europe in 2018’, a publication of HR service provider ADP. In this report, they present the results of their research on the working attitude and experience of nearly 10,000 European employees.

22% of the more than thirteen hundred Dutch respondents experience no stress at all. That is a lot compared to, for example, Poland, where only a small 7% suffers no tension at all. The Dutch also seem to be the most inclined to think that the employer is interested in the mental well-being of its employees.
Only one in ten of the Dutch surveyed experiences stress on a daily basis, compared to the European average of two in ten. A matter of concern is that the latter number has risen by no less than 5% compared to last year. 30% even feels so stressed that they are considering changing jobs. The daily work stress seems to be highest in Poland (27%), followed by France and England (both 20%).
Women also seem to experience more daily stress than men, respectively 19% compared to 16%. There is a highlight: the older we get, the less we seem to suffer from the strain of work.