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Artjom Kasparian sponsorship for the 2020 Olympic Games

Published on: 27 December 2018

My Flexwork will sponsor Dutch Champion (up to 81 kg) boxing Artjom Kasparian (22) for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 for the next 1.5 years.

The story of Artjom is inspiring and My Flexwork likes to help Artjom with his career, as we do for our flexworkers, many of whom are also migrants.

With his family fled from Armenia, raised in an Asylum Seekers Center, where he had no money to pay the bus to the city, so he could not go to a boxing school.
Eventually ended up under the smoke of Rotterdam and then immediately went in search of “the best boxing school in the city”. That became boxing school ‘t Hof in Crooswijk 5 years ago.
Trainer Rob de Haan saw it immediately when he came in for a first trial lesson. That is one with talent. “Have you been boxing before?” And “is competition boxing not something for you?”. Artjom did not have to think twice about it.

The rest is as they say is History.

Now 5 years and 86 parties later he is at the crossroads of his career: He is moved to the top 12 of the world. Now go fully for Tokyo in 2020 or give up the dream. He will have to leave a lot for it: a job, free time, no income, always looking for food and plenty of rest and much more. To get there, he will first have to acquire the A-status as a boxer. This is only possible if he participates in A-tournaments such as European Championships and World Championships and the AIBA (international boxing federation) awards you that status. From that moment on you can collect points for an international ranking.

He is talking about it: he will have to fully focus on that one goal. Artjom already fights in the German Bundesliga. Last month during “Gladiators on the Maas” he defeated the American champion Khalil Coe (80 matches of which 60 won)

This Coe had knocked out multiple champion La Cruz from Cuba earlier this year. Of this Julio Cesar La Cruz, Artjom had lost last year during the same Gala. Gaining experience with boxers from the top ten of the world is what is especially necessary to take him to a higher level.