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Recruiter wanted

Published on: 1 July 2019

My Flexwork is looking for a Recruiter (40 hours per week) The function Recruiting, selecting and supervising Eastern European employees for our clients in the Netherlands. The company: Time to do it differently, time for My Flexwork. Welcome, it’s time. From now on you have the freedom to choose. With 20 years of experience in traditional[...]


Dutch employees are the least stressed

Published on: 5 April 2018

Dutch employees are the most relaxed in Europe, as concluded by ‘The Workforce View in Europe in 2018’, a publication of HR service provider ADP. In this report, they present the results of their [...]


CNV’s appeal does not sound very realistic

Published on: 5 March 2018

Mid-January, the CNV made an appeal to the industry: ‘give priority to your own skilled workers’. A fine objective, but one that shows that the CNV is not firmly rooted in the present. Last months’ [...]


Cultural differences

Published on: 5 March 2018

When people from various cultures work together, it is important for them to learn how to deal with differences in cultural and social backgrounds, working styles, and competencies. This is not always easy, but it [...]

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