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Better work starts with My Flexwork

Better work starts with My Flexwork, the new online employment agency for flexwork. Better jobs, better employers, better working conditions, and better payment. How? Because we allow you to manage your own flex work without mediation by a traditional flex agency. From now on, you will be the one deciding where, when, and for whom you work, whether that work is short-term seasonal work or a long-term flexible position.

You can get started right away! Create your own account for free and use our clever DNA quiz to create your own unique DNA profile that will allow you to quickly find the right job for you.

Remember that your opinion is very important! Our extensive review system allows you to contribute to fair, healthy work for everyone, so that in due time, the only jobs available will be good jobs for the best employers.

Our online temporary employment platform operates in a 100% transparent manner. It offers you a clear explanation of what you earn each month, plus all of the practical information you will need to work for reliable employers in the Netherlands.


Welcome to My Flexwork, where we value all our flexworkers. We make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to flexwork in the Netherlands.


Not just any flexible working temporary employment agency

Together, we will improve the flexible working market, starting with better work for you. From now on:

  • You get to decide everything for yourself
  • You are afforded 100% transparency
  • You will receive faster, better matches thanks to our clever DNA matching system
  • You will always be working in accordance with the latest collective labour agreements and regulations
  • You will have a clear overview of the best jobs and employers thanks to our extensive review system
  • You will work with our user-friendly online platform very quickly and easily
  • You will have access to the best flexible working services
  • We will be at your service – in fact, we are even available outside office hours via Facebook Messenger